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Fire Safety Inspection

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Each year, 11,200 structure fires are reported by eating and drinking establishments, resulting in an average of $164.4 million in direct property damage. Half of these fires originate in the cooking area, which can then explode into the exhaust system. Fire safety should not be something that you put off until your local fire Marshall walks through the door. Be ready and have some piece of mind that your building is safe and up to code when dealing with the professionals at RamPro.

RampPro’s multi-point inspection covers all areas of fire prevention. We assess the total facility to make sure you are covered. The areas of inspection are as follows:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Back Flow
  • Exit Lights
  • Sprinklers

Our process ensures that you are aware of any deviations within your system and provide a roadmap to how to get into full compliance with your fire regulating authorities. At the end of your assessment, you will be provided with an inspection that details everything you need to know to protect yourself

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Fire Suppression Service, Waukegan, IL

Building Manager

“RamPro is one our major Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning subcontractors.  We feel confident in sending to service our customers because we know they will ensure our customer's satisfaction.”

Captain Route 41, Wadsworth IL


"We made it on to the 'Chicago's Best' TV Show and wanted to make sure our restaurant looked great on tv.  RamPro cleaned and polished our wood floors and refinished our prep tables to help us shine on TV."

Randolph, Chicago IL

Building Manager

"We called on RamPro to help with some spring cleaning at one of our restaurants. I was surprised at the level of detail of the cleaning."

Rt 12, Fox Lake

Ceo, Manager

"Our bar gets a lot of traffic and it wrecks havoc on our floors. If it's not only the constant in-out, it's also the salt that's brought in that makes our floors look bad.  RamPro polishes our floors to perfection."

Main St, Racine WI

Building Partner

"One night during dinner service our hood fan went out. We called RamPro and they were out the next morning to repair. The price was great and they gave us plenty of time to pay."

Randolph St, Chicago, IL

Restaurant Manager

“RamPro does a great job cleaning our giant salamander and de-greasing our floors week after week."


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