Outdoor Dining Deep Cleaning
& Sanitization

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Outdoor Dining Deep Cleaning & Sanitization

Reopening your business provide opportunities and challenges during the new era of commerce. The challenge is sustaining and growing your organization. The opportunity is your ability to offer expanded outdoor seating. Fortunately for us, the opportunity is greater than the challenge. Expanded outdoor seating is not a new phenomenon. It is already extremely popular in select locals in the US and other major tourist capitals around the world. Your best days are ahead. Increased Customer Capacity and offering an Enhanced Dining Experience are just benefits you will enjoy.  

Now, protecting your opportunity is key. The service organization you choose has been agile and cost-effective to provide the quality of service you require. There is no company better suited for this challenge then RamPro is today. The foundation of our agility rest upon the shoulders of trained technicians utilizing the best of breed equipment to get the job done. Trailer mounted steam pressure washer with 250 Gallon Water storage capability enables us to quickly and efficiently clean outdoor dining areas to any scope of work. In addition, we do not need access to your facility or anyone on-site to do our job, allowing us to perform the service anytime.  

RamPro’s provides Multi-Surface Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Service Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and on a one-time basis. We apply our eco-friendly disinfectant to touch surfaces and eco-friendly degreaser to street and sidewalk surfaces and steam pressure wash all areas. Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation or to receive a quote. Time to get back to WORK!


Sanitization Deep Cleaning Coverage Areas:

Building Façade: Steam Pressure Surface, Graffiti Removal.

Awning Steam Cleaning: Stain Removal, Bird Droppings.

Exterior Window Cleaning: Streak Free Window Cleaning.

Outdoor Furniture Steam Cleaning: Sanitize Pressure Wash Tables, Chairs.

Street Sidewalk Steam Cleaning: Sanitize Pressure Wash to Remove Gum, Grease, or Surface Debris.

Plexiglass Partition Steam Cleaning: Sanitize Pressure Wash. 


Types of Institutions We Service:

Restaurants, Hotels, Café’s, Coffee Shops, Corporate Outdoor Seating Areas.




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Fire Suppression Service – Waukegan, IL

Building Manager

“RamPro is one our major Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning subcontractors.  We feel confident in sending to service our customers because we know they will ensure our customer's satisfaction.”

Route 41 Restaurant – Wadsworth IL


"We made it on to the 'Chicago's Best' TV Show and wanted to make sure our restaurant looked great on tv.  RamPro cleaned and polished our wood floors and refinished our prep tables to help us shine on TV."

Randolph St. Place – Chicago IL

Building Manager

"We called on RamPro to help with some spring cleaning at one of our restaurants. I was surprised at the level of detail of the cleaning."

Rt 12 Lounge – Fox Lake

Ceo, Manager

"Our bar gets a lot of traffic and it wrecks havoc on our floors. If it's not only the constant in-out, it's also the salt that's brought in that makes our floors look bad.  RamPro polishes our floors to perfection."

Main St Cafe – Racine WI

Building Partner

"One night during dinner service our hood fan went out. We called RamPro and they were out the next morning to repair. The price was great and they gave us plenty of time to pay."

Randolph St. Market – Chicago, IL

Restaurant Manager

“RamPro does a great job cleaning our giant salamander and de-greasing our floors week after week."