Restaurant Awning Cleaning
& Sanitization

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Restaurant Awning Cleaning & Sanitization

Awning cleaning can be a challenge for even the fanciest restaurant; those with the multi-million-dollar structures can lose customers before anyone enters the door. An unclean awning can be off-putting. The ones dripping with bird feces, the ones that are so dirty the color has changed, or the ones where inside the spider webs and dust can be visibly seen. For most, the assumption is that if a restaurant cannot keep this clean what else are they are struggling with– is it safe to even eat here. The good news is that even the dirtiest awnings can come clean. Chicago awnings are probably the worst to try to keep clean and bright due to the weather, dust, and pollution—not to mention the birds.

We have developed a solution that takes on this challenge. Our multiple step process ensures that your awning looks great all the time. The awning is first scrubbed with both a soft bristle scrub brush and soapy ecofriendly awning cleaning solution. We then use pressurized water that is heated to 180 degrees to remove build-up, restoring its natural look.

When it comes to awning cleaning, awning sealing, or even coloring awnings, RamPro can be your very own one-stop headquarters. We can easily clean awnings, tents, tarps, flags, banners, canopies, tensile fabrics, signs, boat covers, patio furniture, inflatable balloons, retractable awnings, window awnings, patio canopies, RV roll down shades, beach house or deck umbrellas, sun setter awnings, or car covers.

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    ‘Route 41 Restaurant – Wadsworth IL’

    “We made it on to the ‘Chicago’s Best’ TV Show and wanted to make sure our restaurant looked great on tv.  RamPro cleaned and polished our wood floors and refinished our prep tables to help us shine on TV.”


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