Restaurant Kitchen Deep Cleaning
& Sanitization

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Restaurant Kitchen Deep Cleaning & Sanitization

We provide the most thorough kitchen deep cleaning and sanitizing in the USA. Carbon and grease build-up in restaurant kitchens often require heavy abrasives and powerful chemicals to break through. Therefore, it’s important to select a professional company to take on the job instead of you.

Some areas are more challenging to clean than others, which is why we can clean each area in every part of your restaurant kitchen. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we go the distance. Our cleaning coverage areas are as follows:

  • Ceiling Tile
  • Walls
  • Epoxy/Tile Floors
  • Appliances (Internal/External)
  • Tables
  • Refrigeration (Evap Areas Only)
  • Appliance Gas lines

We deep clean and sanitize all areas of the kitchen thoroughly. Our process reduces the risk of bacteria and pest outbreaks. We clean areas that are notoriously difficult to tackle, and eliminate any grease or food residue on areas such as grout lines, behind and underneath heavy appliances. We leave nothing behind for pest to feast upon and for bacteria to fester.

Our most protected customers schedule frequent service, a typical service interval is every 30 days. This allows for our cleaning crews to focus on the areas with the greatest need while still being able to maintain the kitchen cleaning aesthetic set by you. Our monthly service is flexible, empowering you to redefine the scope as often as you like. Most work takes places overnight or just before opening. So when you arrive to work, you do so to a professionally cleaned and sanitized kitchen, which is truly the best way to start your day. Contact us today to learn more about our weekly, and monthly deep cleaning and sanitizing services.


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    ‘Randolph St. Market – Chicago, IL’

    “RamPro does a great job cleaning our giant salamander and de-greasing our floors week after week.”


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